Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS

Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS
Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS

Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS, Directory Hub is a business directory PHP script, inspired by Yelp and Yellow Pages, integrated classified ads module, offers features like csv bulk importer, multiple-countries support, unlimited-level categories, custom fields, listing with multiple categories, business listings, and products listings, which give buyers the maximum ability to make any type of business or niche directory website.

Directory Hub offers you the CMS platform to build a business directory website. It is highly customizable and is the trending business directory script solution in the market to organize your business directory portal.

Directory Hub Listing & Business Directory CMS

Directory Hub built based on PHP and Laravel Framework, which gives the developers massive ability to extend and customize the business listing and classified web application to their own needs and specifications.

Support Location-Free Listing

Directory Website Hub not only supports regular listing for a business that has a physical location but also supports location-free listing for the business. For example, an e-commerce website, an online consulting business, etc.

This feature gives buyers the extensibility to build any kind of directories without concerning the location restrictions.

Advanced Search Functionality

Directory Hub offers search functionality that generates the most relevant results for listings. The search bar is as simple as just one text field. The website visitors can enter any keywords including location and postal code wot get the most relevant results.

What’s more the data filter provides the filter and sorting abilities to even narrow down the search results.

Multiple Countries Support

Directory Hub supports multiple countries in one website. Thus, users can post listings from different countries, and they can easily switch between countries to view all listings in a single country scope.

Worldwide Countries Datasets

Directory Hub provides location (countries, states, cities) datasets for all countries worldwide. The location datasets are SQL files that you can easily import to your website database without entering names of countries, states, cities manually to your website.

Location SQL files are available for download here: (file name format: cities_2-letter-country-code.sql, for example, cities_in.sql is for India location dataset)

If you do not find a country that you need, please leave your comment, and I will make it available for you.

CSV Bulk Importer

Directory Hub included the CSV file bulk importer tool, which you can import your business listing records (now support import basic info & custom fields & images via URLs) to the website in just a few steps without manually enter listings one by one. It’s a time-saving feature, and you can set up and running your website instantly.

Business Listings Map View & Grid View

Directory Hub designs comprehensive map view and grid view on business listings, plus data filter.

Featured Listing

Featured listing stays on top of the listing search result, category listing page, and homepage, which gives the maximum exposure of business listing for paid users.

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